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Our Mission

is to help people and businesses conquer accelerating change, one innovation at a time. We help customers think design and act with impact.

Our Vision

is to be a boutique innovation provider offering unique technology solutions that challenge the norm, cross-industry, cross-functionally.

Our values

are to be innovation-obsessed as much as we are customer-obsessed with the end goal of driving unrivalled customer excellence.

Digit7 Products - Innovation in Action

Smart Express Store

The most advanced shopping experience there is – a fully automated cashierless checkout

  • 100% Automated – Enable <scan in, shop, and pay online>. It’s cashierless, line-less, and zero contact. Get shoppers to shop on the move.
  • Cost-effective – A new, innovative platform centered on reducing costs while improving on the existing technologies’ quality and accuracy
  • Customizable – Proprietary IoT shelves and system, designed with in-built scalability, flexibility, and potential for innovation
Grab and Go

A solution that transforms any store into a contactless experience for quick and convenient shopping – a mobile-based self-checkout technology

  • Contactless – Enable <grab, scan the barcode, and pay>
  • Locator and alerts – Get order and payment notifications, customized recommendations, and locate your closest stores.
  • Secure payments – Secure your payments with the in-built payment suite and an ML-based fraud analytics engine.
Drone scan

Drone-based inventory management to monitor inventory remotely and get real-time updates

  • Autonomous navigation – Volumetric capture, 3D maps, and LIDAR-based navigation
  • Real-time intelligence – Instant inventory intelligence powered by blockchain
  • Collision avoidance – ML-based collision avoidance to protect the drone assets
  • Advanced and customized – Customized drone design and advanced features to save man-hours
Smart AR

A Smart AR application powered by our omnichannel retail engine, e-CommVerse, to re-invent the in-store browsing and shopping experiences

  • In-store spotting – Help customers spot products quickly in stores with vast product assortments.
  • Next-gen experiences – Offer an immersive and engaging way of finding, visualizing, and evaluating the products.
  • Dynamic alerts – Trigger in-store promotions and recommendations to grow the basket size.
Digital Wallet

A friction-free payment platform that enables shared rewards management

  • Blockchain-powered wallet
  • Shared loyalty engine
  • Integration-ready
  • Loyalty conversion intelligence

A unique omnichannel engine capable of driving next-gen digital experiences in both brick-and-mortar stores and online stores

  • Uniquely positioned – Launch retail experiences of the future, all supported by a single engine.
  • Feature-rich – Supports 12+ retail modules to revolutionize various stages of the retail value chain.
  • Innovation potential – Integrates with numerous in-house and external apps to help your retail model evolve continuously
Smart Express Store
Grab and Go
Drone scan
Smart AR 
Digital Wallet

The Digit7 Innovation Ecosystem

At Digit7, we combine emerging technologies in unprecedented ways to engineer extraordinary products and offer Innovation-as-a-Service. We are pivoting the traditional innovation model on its head to bring innovation closer to production and citizen-scale impact with our Innovation DNA.

We draw transformative resources and our endless energy from four quarters to make this happen:

The Digit7 Advantage


in-house capabilities


Fusion of


Industry partnerships
and support


Strategy and


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